The Argus Report: New, Exciting and Meaningful

The Argus Report, launched late 2014, is an exciting young digital newspaper that tells it like it is.

They have launched with six fields of interest:
1. Business and finance
2. Entertainment
3. Global News
4. Health
5. Science and technology
6. Sport

These categories are in keeping with the so-called first layer of Google News, but don’t include the World, US, or Spotlight fields. Articles include topics that are trending at the time, as well as issues that are perennially important. They include hard-hitting news stories and items that allow insightful reading.

The direction the site ultimately takes will be determined by opportunity, contributor involvement, and demand from readers. The leaders in the online news field are the The New York Times and The Huffington Post and they intend to align The Argus Report with these online Newspapers. It’s going to grow, and likely very fast. Financial viability will add to its growth and enable the owners of the site to increase its team of writers and contributors.

Birth of The Argus Report

Founders of The Argus Report include Penny Swift and Janek Szymanowski who both spent many years working on newspapers before moving onto magazines and then later into the world of book publishing. While they now do most of their work online, both still have a sense of news in their blood.

The third founder is their son Alex Szymanowski, an IT guru and coding expert who has built some awesome websites for the family business, PJA Web and his own clients. Having secured infrastructure based in Canada, the opportunity to build a digital newspaper became a reality… and so The Argus Report was born.

Challenges Facing The Argus Report

Any newspaper, digital or printed, needs to meet the needs of those who read it, and so the challenge is to find suitable content. With a world of news at their fingertips, choice is paramount. But there are obvious limitations for a fledgling publication … because the choice is so vast.

So what comes first, the chicken or the egg?

Probably both, especially since this is a digital publication that is not rooted in any one particular country. After all, until a publication presents readers with something to read, it won’t have an audience.

The Argus Report’s first thrust is focusing on health in general and the many misunderstood illnesses in particular, including ME/CFS, fibromyalgia, Lyme disease and Gulf War Syndrome. There is a real need for publication of articles that highlight the plight of millions of people suffering from these diseases. There is no doubt about this, as within a week of publishing its first three articles on ME/CFS, the publication had more than 2,000 followers on Twitter.

Named after the hundred-eyed mythological Greek giant, Argus Panoptes (also called Argos), there is no doubt that The Argus Report will soon take on its own mythological form.